Sunday Run

(Run for your Health)

World No Tobacco Day,

31st May


World Obesity Day,

26th October


World Health Day,

7th April


World Diabetic Day,

14th November


Kids Carnival






Soumen's workout is a state of art slimming centre, renowned for the last 14 years for fat reduction through physical workout. We belong to the “No Machine Zone”, which implies that we specialize in workout without the use of any machines.


We are basically into workout which is customized according to the requirements and need of the person coming to do workout. The age group of people vary from the age of 7 years up to the age of 80’s. So the workout has to be different and suitable according to the age and ailment. We are strongly against machines, supplements, therapies and strict dieting. One just needs to attend an hour class sincerely for 6 days a week. The workout regime is changed regularly so that the body does not get accustomed to the workout and henceforth give faster and better results.  This is the primary USP of Soumen’s Workout.



About Us



We, Soumen’s Workout specialize in doing physical workout, without the use of machines, supplements or dieting. Rather than dieting, we suggest ‘Calorie Counting’, which is a much better option and effective too. The workouts designed are very effective in reducing inches and thus losing weight. Our success in helping people lose weight is evident from the feedback that we get from our members.





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